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Essential Oil Diffuser | 500 mL Large Room Diffuser

  • This 500 mL large room diffuser is great for our Unker's Therapeutic Spray, or our Fresh Scent Mist, which contain only 100% natural essential oils. It's great for cough and cold relief during flu season! Simply fill the base of the diffuser with water and add up to 10 drops of our Unker's Spray or Fresh Scent Mist for an aromatherapeutic effect.


    You can put any natural essential oils in this diffuser (not to be used with synthetic oils or fragrances). Do not put our Unker's Rub in this diffuser. 


    Not for Households with Pets: While diffusing essential oils can benefit humans, certain essential oils are considered harmful or toxic cats and dogs. These include but are not limited to Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, and Pine Needle, which are all found in our products. This means, you should not diffuse Unker's products in your home air if you have cats or dogs. You can read more about common essential oils considered toxic to pets, here.

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