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Reseller Terms

Last Updated: March 14, 2024

We've gathered the details of our terms and made them transparent and accessible to you, the reseller.

Ordering Details


Placing Orders: Please use our Wholesale Order Form, or your company purchase order. Do not list your items in an email, as errors or missing information may cause delays. Please allow plenty of time for re-orders.

  • All orders must be prepaid by credit card, check, or wire transfer.

  • Order processing may require 5 to 7 business days plus shipping time.

  • Submit order forms via:

    • Email:

    • Phone (Text or Call): +1 (307) 670 – 4665 

    • Fax: +1 (866) 939 – 2971 

    • Order Address: Old Time Essentials, PO Box 440, Upton, WY 82730

    • Payment Address: Old Time Essentials, PO Box 12290, Cincinnati, OH 45212

If our forms or pricing change we will send you a new Wholesale Order Form.


Order Lead Time: You can expect Unker’s Therapeutic Products to process your order within 5–7 business days, not including ship time.


Pricing: Pricing is subject to change. You will be notified of any price changes.

Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. Closed all major holidays. If our hours change, you will be notified.

Inventory Details


Order Volume: To ensure that our inventory is stocked appropriately for your needs, we may request that you provide an estimate of your monthly or annual order volume. If you anticipate any increases or decreases in your order volume or would like to stop ordering a specific item that you order regularly, please notify us as soon as possible. To notify us of any changes to your order volume, please email


Out of Stock Items: If an item that you regularly order is unavailable or back-ordered, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Billing Details


Payment Terms: Unless otherwise agreed upon, prepayment is required for all orders via credit card, check, or ACH payment.


Designated Billing Contact: All resellers should provide a designated Billing Contact(s). This person will be contacted by Unker’s Therapeutic Products for anything billing related including updating billing information, billing errors, and receiving invoices/receipts. If the Billing Contact(s) needs to be updated, please email with the new contact’s name, email, and phone number.

Shipping Policy


Unker’s Therapeutic Products will not ship to third parties. We will only ship to the actual reseller. Unker’s Therapeutic Products only ship using Old Dominion Freight Liner (ODFL), USPS, or UPS. We will accept our retail customer’s shipping accounts if they use these same carriers. We do not use prepaid shipping labels for any other carrier for any reason.


Damaged Goods and Return Policy


We understand that there may be an occasion to return the product. Each request is evaluated based on specific circumstances. We will not authorize the return of products after 60 days from purchase, special orders, or discontinued items.


  • Obvious Freight Damage: If a shipment is received with obvious freight damage or the carton is obviously damaged, REFUSE the package and contact us within 2 days of refusal.

  • Concealed Freight Damage: Contact us within 5 days of the date received. Keep the product in the same carton with all packing materials, packing slips, etc. If damage is not reported within 10 days, we will not authorize a return and cannot be held responsible.

  • Any non-defective discrepancies: All shortages, overages, mislabeled, etc. must be reported within 5 days after receipt of shipment.

  • Not satisfied with the product: If you purchased the product directly from Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker’s and are not satisfied with the product itself, you must contact us within 30 days of receipt of the product to obtain a return authorization. The unopened product must be returned without damage before a refund is issued.

To report a problem, refer to your invoice and provide us with the following information:

  • Customer Name, address, phone number

  • Item description, quantity, nature of the problem, and pictures of the damage


Customer Service must approve and authorize a return. All returns must be in the original carton/packaging with the original UPC or SCC codes. We will not authorize the return of products over 60 days old, special orders, or discontinued items.


Unauthorized Third Party Website Policy


No resellers are permitted to sell on third party websites (ie Amazon, Wal-mart, eBay, Etsy, etc), unless otherwise agreed upon with written consent from Unker's. The reseller understands and agrees that should they violate this agreement (or any other agreements or policies), Old Time Essentials, LLC has the right to close the account and revoke permission to resell Unker’s Therapeutic Products.    

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy


This MAP policy has been established by Unker’s Therapeutic Products to help ensure the legacy of Unker’s as a top producer of a full line of multi-purposes pain relief and personal care products and to protect the reputation of its name and products. If you'd like a copy of our suggested retail and MAP by product, please contact

The MAP Policy shall work under the following guidelines:

  • The MAP for all Unker’s products shall be no more than 15% less than the published list price provided Unker’s. MAP pricing is established by Unker’s and may be adjusted by Unker’s at its sole discretion.

  • All resellers and distributors are required to implement this policy within 30 days of receipt and are responsible for ensuring their sales channels comply.

  • The MAP policy applies to all advertisements of Unker’s products in any and all media, including, but not limited to, flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, email newsletters, email solicitations, Internet or similar electronic media, television, radio, and public signage. The MAP policy is not applicable to any in-store advertising that is displayed only in the store and not distributed to any customer(s).

  • The inclusion in advertising of free or discounted products (whether made by Unker’s or another manufacturer) with a product covered by the MAP policy would be contrary to the policy if it has the effect of discounting the advertised price of the covered product below the MAP.

  • If pricing is displayed, any strike-through or other alteration of the MAP is prohibited.

  • MAP applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are sold or offered for sale to an individual consumer within the reseller’s retail location, or over the telephone.

  • MAP does not establish maximum advertised prices. All resellers may offer Unker’s products at any price in excess of the MAP. Internet auctions may not display or have reserved bids or other acceptable prices below the MAP price.

  • Unker's MAP policy does not in any way limit the ability of any reseller to advertise that “they have the lowest prices” or, they “will meet or beat any competitors price,” that consumers should “call for a price,” or “add to cart to see price” or phrases of similar import as long as the price advertised or listed for the products is not less than MAP.

  • Unker’s does not intend to do business with resellers, distributors, or sales representatives who degrade the image of Unker’s and its products.

  • Unker’s will not provide prior notice or issue warnings before unilaterally taking any action under this policy.

Intellectual Property and Marketing

Trademark and Copyright Usage: As a reseller of Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker's products, you are granted a limited and revocable license to use Old Time Essentials, LLC's trademarks and copyrights for the sole and exclusive purpose of marketing and reselling Old Time Essentials, LLC's products.


You will be required to immediately update your marketing materials for Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker's products upon request and shall not utilize the Unker's trademark in your URL.


You may not develop or circulate your own images, text, or logos relating to or describing Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker's products, nor prepare derivative works based on Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker's printed material or other documents without the express prior written consent of Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker's.

Termination Policy

Termination: Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker's has the right to close the reseller's account and revoke permission to resell Unker’s products at any time for any reason.

Change of Terms

Change of Terms: Revisions or updates to these terms may be made by Old Time Essentials, LLC/Unker's at any time for any reason.

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