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Unker's Turns 40 This April

For 40 years, Unker’s has been creating salves with natural ingredients.

Unker's began in April 1982, in a garage in Wapakoneta, Ohio. At the time, the salve was handmade and sold door-to-door. Since its humble beginnings, Unker’s has expanded to offer a range of natural pain and cold relief products, and now sells to hundreds of retailers around the world.


A look back at noteworthy milestones in the company’s history.

1982: The original Unker's was founded.

2010: Unker’s was purchased by Pat Pendleton from her father, the original founder.

2014–2020: Unker’s sponsors NASCAR drive team, Mike and Matt Wallace.

2020: Unker’s receives a congressional letter from Senator Michael Enzi for the 35th Anniversary.

2020: Unker’s steps up to support frontline workers in Wyoming, see letter from Senator Barrasso.

When you use Unker’s products, you are supporting a small business and holding a piece of American history in your hands!




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