Unker's for quick relief from a number of different aches

Keep Unker's in your medicine cabinet, car glove compartment and outdoor activities bags for quick relief from a number of different aches, pains and ailments including but not limited to: 
• minor sports injuries 
• muscle aches and pains 
• cuts and bruises 
• minor burns
and much more!

"To God Be the Glory"


Watch the video of Patricia Pendleton talking about Olde Tyme Remedies, Unker’s salve and NATURub spray on The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime Television® 


The original formula for Unker’s Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Salve dates back to the early 1900’s. Originally sold door-to-door to the Amish and others in the Midwestern farming communities, Unker’s has now become a mainstay in the medicine cabinets of countless households across the United States and throughout the world. (read more)

Unker’s makes a complete line of Multi-Purpose Therapeutic pain relief and personal care products. Our Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Salve is easily our most famous. But, over the years, we have expanded our line to meet the requests and needs of our many customers. Unker’s now offers our powerful therapeutic formulas in NATURub Roll-On and Spray-On applicators, plus lip balm and sanitizing mists. (read more)

Warm, soothing pain relief.  A true multitude of pain relief powers. Unker’s Multi-Purpose Therapeutic products provide a safe, naturally effective remedy for a wide variety of minor aches and ailments:

• Muscle pain and joint stiffness • Bee stings and bug bites • Cuts and bruises (read more)

Latest News

Camping this summer? Don’t forget your Unker’s!

Whether you’re sending a single child off to camp or perhaps taking the whole family on a big outdoor adventure, making sure to pack all the essentials could mean the difference between having an OK time and having a GREAT time. Besides the appropriate gear for the occasion, such essentials include sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first aid kit – all must-haves for any outdoor adventure that plans to span a period of hours or days.  There are several camping and hiking-related websites that provide great advice on what to pack, including the details of what to have in your first-aid kit.

Well, based on letters from customers we’ve received over the years, we at Olde Tyme Remedies recommend adding Unker’s salve to your kit (and not just because it’s our product!) What folks have told us they like a lot about Unker’s is that it’s quite versatile. It’s been used by people for decades to treat sore and achy muscles, skin irritations, bug bites and stings, minor cuts, bumps and bruises, skin scrapes, plus joint stiffness and sprains.  So in a nutshell, Unker’s has a place in helping relieve symptoms from many of the most common types of outdoor activity-related injuries. Unker’s won’t take the place of all the other recommended safety supplies, but it certainly will come in handy. That’s why we call it “your medicine cabinet in a jar.”

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