Unker's for quick relief from a number of different aches Unker's Salve NATURUB Military

Keep Unker's in your medicine cabinet, car glove compartment and outdoor activities bags for quick relief from a number of different aches, pains and ailments including but not limited to: 
• minor sports injuries 
• muscle aches and pains 
• cuts and bruises 
• minor burns
and much more!

Unker’s proudly supports our Troops  & The Wounded Warrior Project

Let us all give thanks and remember

All our service men and women

God Bless our military!


"To God Be the Glory"

The original formula for Unker’s Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Salve dates back to the early 1900’s. Originally sold door-to-door to the Amish and others in the Midwestern farming communities, Unker’s has now become a mainstay in the medicine cabinets of countless households across the United States and throughout the world. (read more)

Unker’s makes a complete line of Multi-Purpose Therapeutic pain relief and personal care products. Our Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Salve is easily or most famous. But, over the years, we have expanded our line to meet the requests and needs of our many customers. Unker’s now offers our powerful therapeutic formulas in NATURub Roll-On and Spray-On applicators, plus lip balm and sanitizing mists. (read more)

Warm, soothing pain relief.  A true multitude of pain relief powers. Unker’s Multi-Purpose Therapeutic products provide a safe, naturally effective remedy for a wide variety of minor aches and ailments:

• Muscle pain and joint stiffness • Bee stings and bug bites • Cuts and bruises (read more)

Latest News

Coughs, Colds & UNKERS

The weatherman still says it's gonna be cold.  Sure, the weatherman exaggerates for ratings but truth is it's January, it's cold, it's snowing in the northeast and people everywhere are getting sick.  Unker's stops colds, coughs, and flu-like symptoms in their tracks.  Apply Unker's around nose, neck, back and chest.  And, yes, even on the soles of your feet before you go to bed.  Put a dab of Unker's in your vaporizor (humidifier) at night while you sleep. And watch that cold, cough and congestion go away fast. Unker's therapeutic salve comes as either a spray-on and roll-on. And, we're not kidding about the vaporizor and the soles of your feet - if you've got the sniffles TRY IT! You'll be surprised...AND relieved.


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