Therapeutic salves have been made by the family for generations.

The History of Unker's

In the early 1930s, my great-uncle needed a safe and natural product to help relieve the pain his family was suffering. He created a medicated salve using a formula from the early 1900s found in a library book. In 1982, my Dad painstakingly perfected the 1902 formula in his garage in Wapakoneta, Ohio and began selling door-to-door in Central Ohio, Pennsylvania,
and surrounding states.


What is “Unker’s?” When a family member was a young child, she could not pronounce “uncle,” so she referred to my great-uncle as “Unker.” When Dad formed his company, he called it “Unker’s” to honor the man who began our family business. 

In 2010, my company, Olde Tyme Remedies, LLC, purchased Unker’s just prior to Dad’s passing to keep this in the family. Unker’s is still committed to its founding values of highest quality, trust, integrity, family well-being, and service to God.


What makes Unker’s unique?

Woman owned.

We handcraft and ship all products from the small town of Upton, Wyoming.

We still use the original 1902 formula with all-natural essential oils and supplies bought from American suppliers.

Unker’s truly is “Your Medicine Cabinet in a Jar.” Remember, when you use Unker’s products, you are supporting a small business and holding a piece of American history in your hands!

May God’s Blessing Surround You,

Patricia Pendleton
Olde Tyme Remedies, LLC
Unker’s Therapeutic Products

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.31.00 AM.png

The original Mr. Unker's. The founder and originator of Unker's multi-purpose products – at a very early age.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.31.05 AM.png

Ms. Unker's, The Next Generation. Pat Pendleton is the current CEO of Unker's. This is Pat, also at a very young age.

Unker's began in April 1982, in a garage in Wapakoneta, Ohio. The salve was hand made by Pat's dad and sold door-to-door.