When you purchase Unker’s® Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Products, you are joining thousands of satisfied loyal and repeat customers who can attest to the effectiveness of Unker's. In fact, we've had NO customer-requested refunds ever. Now, that’s customer satisfaction.

Our customers love Unker's Multi-Purpose Therapeutic products for so many reasons.


Plus, our customers love to tell us about it with regularity-and how our products help relieve some many aches, pains and ailments like these:

  • Arthritic pain
  • Bee stings and bug bites
  • Cuts, bruises, burns, skin abrasions and irritations 
  • Dry, cracked, sore or bleeding skin
  • Gout
  • Headaches
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Joint pain and soreness
  • Leg cramps, restless leg syndrome
  • Muscle pain and soreness
  • Sports Injuries and Exercise pain
  • Sinus congestion, flu, coughs, colds, sore throat and chest congestion 

  • Pets and livestock: aid in healing cuts, sores, muscle and joint pain 

"To God Be the Glory"

 (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.  Information on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.  Testimonials on this website are from individuals and do not guarantee or imply same results.)

Read what some of our customers have to say about our products:

"I've used Unker's for several things. The latest may be a miracle. I have severe AGENT ORANGE, neuropathy and nothing from the VA has worked. I received a bottle of NATURub Spray and I can't believe the relief. Amazing product - amazing people who work there. Trust me, God has His hands on all of them". 

— Gary G., Rochester, MN

"I have osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.  My sister gave me NATURub Spray, and I was skeptical since I had tried other OTC and natural and prescription medications in the past.  I sprayed NATURub on my knees and within 60 seconds I started feeling relief from the excruciating pain.  

I slept pain free and NATURub Spray will always be what I reach for when I am in pain.  IT WORKS!!!"

— Brenda H., Florence, KY

"I am recovering form a Rotor Cuff injury, at age 86 I elected not to have the surgery.  I used Unker's for several months to help the pain at night and also help me sleep.  My wife had a lingering chest cold and after many medications and a "Z" pack it still lingered on.  Using Unker's at night and keeping her dressed in a heavy sweat shirt has seemingly cleared the issue"

— C.F., Largo, FL

"I wanted to tell you how much me and my family appreciate the "Unker's Medicated Salve".  We all have used it for aches, pains, colds and asthma for a few years now.  In fact, if one of us is starting to get stiff or sore, someone will say, "time to get the Unkers".  Thanks for the care you put into your products.  May the good Lord bless you all and keep you!

— Elizabeth P., Whitelaw, WI

"I have neuropathy in my feet, across the front ankle. I went to a foot specialist and he prescribed a cream that is compounded and comes from Alabama. Now this cream costs, are you ready ? $ 1,509.03 per can. Yes, you read it right. I did get a little bit of relief for a time. Last week I was our little Amish store and saw your product. I bought a small jar just to see if it worked. I can’t begin to tell you how fast it works and does a much better job of relieving my pain that that expensive stuff. I use it twice a day. Now I am a true believer in your product. My next purchase will be the big jar. Thank you and God Bless you."

— Elsie N. Wisconsin

"I am recovering from an injury that required some inaction time.  I am back to work and doing some physical therapy.  A friend exposed me to Unker's and I have been using it for 5 weeks.  Unker's is now my "go to" for minor pain relief."

— H.T., Largo FL

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Unker's salve!  I suffer from arthritis and chronic pain, and I have never tried anything that works so wonderfully!  Opioid pain meds - forget it!  I'd like to sell Unker's in my home country of Iceland.  Thank you

— Iris L. Iceland

"I kindly want to give you the testimony on the usefulness of Unker’s selves in our children home. First of all, from the bottom of our hearts, we thankful to you for giving the selves to use in the children home.  We have Thirty Two Children in our home from different corners of the country. Being a poor country, people become orphans from many reason. 

May be last four months back, our friends some Unker’s product to us. They are Unker’s lip balm, Naturub spray and Medicated Selves. They are such wonderful products and kept the whole family sound and well. For almost every health problem, we utilize the Unker selves and it really works. For example, many time our children got stomach problem but Unker selves is magic medicines and heal them quickly. Unker is a master or a doctor to them for injuries, body pain, congestion, skin problems, germs and burns etc. Thank You once again for giving us a doctor to help our children!"

May God continue to bless the company!

In His Love,

Jeremy Leme

Paddy Field Ministries



— Jeremy Leme

"Just a note to let you know I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!!  I use it for everything, aches, pains, burns, chapped hands, tired and sore feet, coughs, etc.  BUT, I had a mild toe fungus and all the products I purchased helped but didn't totally stop it.  I decided to try Unker's and guess what?  It worked!  I love Unkers........"

— M. Wheeler, Northern KY

"I suffer from a form of bone cancer and another disease that affects my joints so I'm in constant pain, I just got gave a small amount of Unker's to try, and believe me I was skeptical being I've spent hundreds trying to get some relief. I applied unkers to my shoulder area and within minutes I was feeling relief. I immediately yelled for my husband and said throw away everything in the medicine box that's for me(pain associated) I'm ordering this now! He said really Tonya it helps, Im completely blown away and can't believe how little you have to use and how quickly it goes into your skin and starts working! Thank you for such a wonderful product it will stay on my night stand and I'm gonna order some of the other products!"  (4/7/2015)

— T. Mayes

"I have arthritis in my hands but the pain is the worst in my thumb joint.  At our support group, a member gave me a jar of Unker's Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Salve.  I tried it at night and was very pleasantly surprised when I became pain free almost immediately.  I would strongly endorse and recommend Unker's to anyone who needs relief from arthritis pain."

— A.C., Largo FL

I have had the muscle pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia since my teenage years. It's become worse over the years. I am 57 now. I've taken many different pain medications and used topical preparations. Some of the medications help sometimes, but I've never found a topical agent that relieves my pain until I was given Unker's NATURub. My pain comes in different areas at different times; Arms, legs, shoulders, neck, hips and back. Unker's NATURub has helped to take away the pain for me at the worst times. I tell everyone that I know that has muscle pain from illness or exercise to use Unker's. It has made a great difference in my ability to function on my worst days of pain.

— Charlene H. Cincinnati, OH

"I got "addicted" to Unker's after buying it from a family member. This is something many in our family uses.  My own favorite uses are for bacterial control in fleshy areas and its the best for something called dishydrotic eczema - it works better than prescription steroid ointments/creams without the nasty side affects. My son uses it daily to keep his hands from cracking open."

— P.I., Hamburg, PA

"I have tried your Unker's Medicated Salve.  My sister gave me some to try and it is the only product I have used that has remarkably worked. I have had 9 spine surgeries and 4 spinal fusions and severe nerve damage to my feet (neuropathy) and have been in chronic pain for the last 5-7 years.  Your medicated salve is the only relief of pain that I get when I apply it to my feet.  Thank you much!!!"

— Timothy C. Columbus, MS

"I like Unker's.  It helps with arthritis pain, colds, etc.  I would recommend everyone to have some on hand!"

— Darlene E. Erlanger, KY

"I have an amazing story about Unker's that I am experiencing right now. I had a SEVERE gout attack several years ago that left what appears to be nerve damage in my feet. I have a constant burning sensation as if my feet are in hot water - some days much worse than others. It is bad enough that I have not been able to work for over 2 years.

My Dad suggested I try Unker's and I sorta laughed it off because Unker's is for colds, coughs, etc... so I thought. Thankfully, I decided to give it a whirl in spite of my doubts. Last night it was too painful to go to church. My wife rubbed a small amount of Unker's on both feet and within 30 minutes the burring pain was almost gone.

I applied it again this morning and the same results! I have been battling this pain for several years now and to think I may have finally found something as simple as Unker's that makes a difference is almost unbelievable. I would like to know what it takes to become a dealer for Unker's. As close as I can tell, we have no dealers in our area and I would like to change that. I know it’s a popular item for our church people as most of us have moved here from somewhere back east - Ohio for me."

— D. Miller, Heron, MT

I wanted to tell you what a great product the medicated salve is.  It is gentle on baby's skin.  Products made just for babies always made my baby's skin breakout.  Also, I have been pregnant or nursing for the last 9 years.  I used this product instead of medications.  I like to rub it on the bottom of my feet before bed when I have the cold or flu.  I rub it on my neck and behind my ears for each aches.  On my chest for respiratory problems.  It helps clear sinuses and eliminates coughs from post nasal drips when laying down in bed.  This is a great product!  Keep it up!

— Renee N.

"Some years ago, I rubbed Unker's on the entirety of my body and took a bath. It really helped to get to the root of some pain issues I was dealing with. Unker's truly works wonders on muscle cramps I tend to get in my feet and legs."

— W. Brown, Gastonia, NC

“A friend of mine gave me a jar of your salve and it’s so great! I am a 61 year old widow and have asthma and osteo-arthritis… it’s 100% better than anything in my past years. It has to be #1… Now I want to try your other products.  May our Lord richly bless you all. I praise Him and you for all your products.”

— G. N., Kingston, OK

“I have Spinal Stenosis on my back and before I started using the spray, I had to take pain medicine to rest. I started using the spray in August 2005, and since then I haven’t had to take any pain medicine. I am so grateful and thankful to the good Lord for bringing me this spray.”

— S.D., Paintsville, KY

" I have arthritis in  my hands but the pain is worse in my thumb joints.  I am always looking for some relief and a friend gave me a sample of Unker's that I used that night.  I became almost pain free immediately.  I would strong endorse and recommend Unker's to anyone who need relief from arthritic pain."

— A.C. Largo, FL

"I wanted to brag on this awesome product! I have horrible chronic  back pain. I have had it since I can remember. I just basically deal with it because I can't afford continuous visits to the doctor and specialist. The pain is so bad that sometimes I can not decipher between my normal back pain or if I'm having a kidney stone attack. The past 2 days I have been having an attack and if you know kidney stones, you know there isn't much of anything you can do except hope that it passes quickly. A friend of mine introduced me to Unker's and told me to try it on my back.

I honestly didn't expect it to work any different than muscle rub. About 10 mins after I applied it to my back, I was definitely proved wrong! This stuff is the most effective product I have ever used! The next day I went straight to the drugstore to buy my own container! This product has offered me so much relief! Unlike anything else I've used, it offers extended relief. It worked for hours after just one application! To top it off, it's all natural, safe, and has no warning label! Unker's medicated salve is my new best friend! Thank you!"


— Amber M.

"WOW!.  That about sums it up!  I am a disabled nurse with asthma and COPD and the salve is just great.  My mom in law gave me a jar to try and I would like to see about becoming a dealer of this product."

— Angie K.

“I recommend Unker’s for just about everything. My hands have really taken a beating from landscaping so at night I put the salve on them. By morning they are soft and the stiffness is gone. The Natu-Rub is the best. I use it on my neck, shoulders and back. It lets me get a good night’s sleep and keeps me moving. Thank you again!"

— B. B., Franklin, WI

" I really love this product and my customers can't seem to get enough of it because it works.  My parents used it, I use it and I fully offer my personal endorsement.  I look forward to our continued business."

— B. Walker

"I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001.  I started having a large amount of pain between my shoulder blades.  I looked in the medicine cabinet and found a jar of Unker's.  I'd never heard of it but decided to give it a try.  I was able to get enough Unker's applied and it deadened the pain wonderfully!  I have used it for the past two days and the pain is now tolerable.  Thank you!"

— Bill K.

"A chiropractor located in Florida presented me with a small jar of "Unker's" medicated salve while going to him for neuropathy conditions in my left leg and both feet. My feet have gone numb and they continually had a nerve burning sensation throughout the day and night. He said to rub the Unker's Medicated salve on my feet at bedtime ..."Unker's" works great and any burning sensation in my feet normally stops within the hour allowing me a comfortable night's rest. I also use Unker's every day when I travel!

— Bill W. Florida

"Thank you for having a wonderful product - Unker's and thank you for saying on your website "always to be made in the USA."  Your Unker's never turned bad and kept its consistency.  My dream is to own my own quilt store and I would carry Unker's in there.  Thank you for such a great product." 

— C. Edmonson, Springfield, VA

"I use this product every day a few times...I have suggested it to several friends who love it!  It is better than anything over the counter and many prescriptions.  I will not go a day without it!"

— Cheryl M.

Very soothing and effective for a strained back and works well on insect bites.  This is a must have in the first aid cabinet."

— Diane L.

"I have arthritis in my hip and use this to help relieve the pain.  It does work for a few hours before having to reapply."

— Ed C.

"This is superior for aches and joint pain.  No other product has lived up to this product.  I have always had relief and been able to sleep.  You will not be disappointed!"

— Glenn B.

"I would like to thank your company for this product because my mother is a very sick female and her knee needs to be replaced and she is just to weak to do the surgery, and we found this product after trying everything else.  I'm so Thankful that God showed us the Glory to buy this product because at night it eases her pain in her knee and helps her rest.  Thank you so so so so so much.  Unker's you are the Best!!!"

— J.M. Garner

"Unker's Medicated Salve worked wonders for the psoriasis on my knees.  I tried several medicated products with very little success, when I decided to try Unker's.  Within two weeks, my psoriasis was virtually gone!  Since then I've continued applying Unker's to the affected area with fantastic results".

— K. Fitzgerald, Mason, OH

“I was bitten by many fire ants on my ankles and legs. As soon as I got the ants off, I immediately rubbed Unker’s Medicated Salve on the whole area of the bites, and no red spots, no itching, no corruption appeared on me.”

— L. M., Fulton, MS

"I suffer from skin hives every spring and this time, tired of trying all kinds of creams and potions I came across Unker's.  This hives stopped itching and hurting right away, the cooling sensation was a blessing and the hives were gone very fast.  Thank you!"

— L.A.

“We along with our patients certainly love our Unker’s. We have a patient who bought a case to give to each member of her daughter’s soccer team – they’d all borrowed her daughter’s jar so much! We have a number of patients who have avoided hemorrhoid surgery by using Unker’s."

— R. C., Roy, UT

"I have RA and my knee has swollen up and throbs all the time. I went to my sister's today and she had some Unker's salve and I rubbed my knee with it and it has helped me so much. I would love to know where you can order it!"

— S. Morris-Baker

"About seven weeks ago I was introduced to Unker's and it has been a pleasant surprise.  The results have been so favorable that I now use Unker's rather than Aleve for the pain and stiffness."

— S.O. Pasadena, FL

"I got Unker's at a teeny store in PA on Christmas vacation.  20 of my kids and family had various complaints from split fingers from cold, ski fall bruises, bumped head, lips cracked and bleeding from the cold.  The lip salve literally overnight fixed the lips and the cracked finger healed in a day.  Aching legs from skiing - a thing of the past!

— Susanna W.

 "My wife and I have used Unker's for several years. It is simply the best ointment ever made, we both swear by it. I have retired now and would be interested in becoming a dealer of this fabulous product and maybe the other lines of this product as well."

— W.E. Jr., Catawba, NC